Permanent Hair Removal

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Permanent hair removal 
in Ballina

Intense Pulsed Light is not only great for removing blemishes and clearing up skin damage, it is also an effective way to thin and completely remove unwanted body hair.

How it works

Intense Pulsed Light hair reduction works by penetrating the top layer of the skin (epidermis) with a specific wavelength of light that targets the dermis underneath the hair follicle. IPL hair reduction, also known as photo epilation, specifically targets the hair follicle during the growth stage, destroying or severely restricting its regrowth capacity.

A great way to take a short stay-cation

IPL is effectively trying to destroy the blood vessel that feeds the hair papillae by using controlled heat and light sources, thus resulting in hair reduction. A series of specialised treatments is required to achieve long lasting results. This is usually a minimum of 4-6 and possibly up to 8-10 treatments.
When the light is emitted from the handpiece, it tries to detect a dark chromophore below the surface, which in this case is the hair shaft. For this reason, IPL is only suitable for dark hair, as it cannot detect a chromophore in white or grey hair. Fair skin is simpler to treat as the light by-passes the chromophore in dark skin (melanin) and goes straight to the hair papillae. However, we use handpieces suitable for dark, tanned and dark skin. 
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