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As a part of our commitment to providing a complete list of relaxing, rejuvenating procedures, we are proud to offer a variety of hand and foot treatments to keep our clients looking and feeling their best.

Hand & feet treatments

Deluxe Manicure - $45

The nails are cut and filed, cuticles are pushed back and nourished, the back of the hand and arms are deeply exfoliated and moisturised with a soothing hand massage before adding the finishing touch of colour to your nails.

Mini Manicure - $30

A busy schedule does not mean your hands need to be neglected. This express treatment ensures your hands and nails look great, fast. Nails are filed and buffed, cuticles are pushed and moisturised and then we finish the nails with a polish of your choice.

Shape and Polish - $25

The nails are cut, shaped and painted a colour of your choice. Our shape and polish treatment is a simple way to experience luxury when you are in a hurry.

Shellac or Minx Manicure - $60

The hands and nails are given an intensive manicure treatment before adding a Shellac or Minx Foiling of your choice. 

Shellac or Mix Fingernails - $45

A true innovation in chip-free, extended wear colour! Shellac polish includes file, buff and a high glass polish which lasts 14 days.

Pedicure Spa - $65

Our pedicure in the spa throne is the ultimate choice for foot spa therapy. Your feet are immersed in an aromatherapy spa, massaged, masked and painted with a colour of your choice.

Mini Pedicure - $35

Our express pedicure gives the opportunity to have beautifully groomed feet, no matter how busy your life is. Nails are cut and filed, cleaned and finally polished with a colour of your choice. Our mini pedicure also includes leg and feet exfoliation and a massage from our spa chair.

Shellac Pedicure - $80

The Shellac Pedicure includes cuticle work, massage, exfoliate, blading, buffing and your choice of Shellac or Mix Foiling, all while you lay back and relax in our reclining massage chair. 

Shellac or Minx Foiling Toenails - $45

Our spa professionals file, buff and apply a Shellac or Mix Foiling in the colour of your choice.  

Paraffin - $15

If your hands are dry and in need of a moisturising boost, our hot paraffin wax treatment is designed for you. This treatment can be added to any manicure service for a small additional cost.

Gel Pedicure - $90

Our professional staff immerses your feet in an aromatherapy spa, provides a massage and exfoliate, then blades, buffs and applies Gel Nails, all while you relax in our reclining massage chair.
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