Anti-Aging Injection Therapies

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Anti-aging injections in Ballina

The natural ageing process presents numerous issues in most people, including the wrinkling and loosening of skin. Our team of spa professionals are proud to offer a complete range of anti-aging injection therapies designed to deliver a variety of benefits to our clients.
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Anti-aging injection therapies FAQ

What are wrinkle injections?

We are regularly visited by registered nurse Karen Keogh and Dr Dennis McCurdy for all our anti-ageing injectable treatments. Wrinkle injections are procedures where an active ingredient is injected into the treatment area to relax muscles that cause wrinkles.

What is involved in treatment?

Our anti-aging practitioners offer a complete consultation and in-depth assessment prior to any treatment. A small amount of the chosen solution is injected into the selected facial muscles using a very fine needle. The procedure only takes about 10 minutes and the discomfort is minimal and brief. After the injection, it takes about 5-7 days to notice the any changes and 10 days for the full effect.

How long do wrinkle injections last?

It lasts for approximately 3 months, depending on the individual. The result will usually wear off progressively after 2 months as expression lines gradually return to their original appearance. The lines will never be worse after treatment. For some clients, the more often you have the treatment, the less frequently it is required as the effects may last longer with each application.

What areas can be enhanced with wrinkle injections?

  • Lines and wrinkles on the upper face
  • Frown lines (between the eyes)
  • Crow’s feet (lines on the sides of the eyes)
  • Horizontal brow lines
  • Eyebrow lifts
  • Facial lifts, upper and lower
  • Enlarging and opening up eyes
  • Softening lines under eyes
  • Softening the lines in the neck
  • Softening and improving the drooping mouth corners
  • Facial contouring.
  • Migraine management
  • Excess sweating in either or palms, feet and underarms
  • Managing teeth grinding and associated headaches

What is Dermal Filling and Lifting?

Dermal Fillers are products that are injected into the skin to fill in defects such as creases, lines, wrinkles and scars or to rejuvenate the skin and replace volume. Injected directly into the dermis (the deeper layer of skin), Dermal Fillers fill in and elevate the skin’s surface producing a smoother, more youthful and relaxed appearance.

What is involved in treatment?

Dermal Fillers are injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. 
Local anaesthetic cream or dental blocks may be administered for increased comfort.

What do Dermal Fillers do?

Once injected, the gel plumps and lifts the skin gently to replace the collagen that has been lost by the natural ageing process. Semi-permanent fillers work by creating an internal framework (or scaffolding) on which new collagen and elastin can attach to improve structure, tone and firmness for a more youthful appearance. Movement and sensation are not affected – your lips and skin will look and feel soft and natural.

Is treatment safe?

Although there is a variety of dermal filling products, our specially trained anti-aging cosmetic practitioners only use proven and tested fillers. Dermal fillers are biodegradable and most are based on substances naturally occurring within the human body. As they are found naturally in human cells, dermal fillers are well tolerated and there is no need for allergy testing. Although Dermal Fillers have been used for many years they, should not be used during pregnancy, for lactating mothers or other medical conditions. It is very important to tell your cosmetic practitioner if you have health problems or on any medication prior to treatment.

What areas of the face may be treated with Dermal Fillers?

The main areas treated with Dermal Fillers are: around the mouth, cheeks, eyes and brow. Dermal Fillers may also be used on lips to redefine, enlarge or make fuller.

How long do the results last?

Dermal Fillers usually last between 6 to 9 months, depending on skin type, lifestyle and skin maintenance. Some longer acting Dermal Fillers can last between 9 to 18 months.

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